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This web page provides information on the Republic of Slovenia as the issuer of securities in the capital market. It provides investors in government securities with easy access to important information on the Republic of Slovenia.

In making investment decisions, investors in government bonds monitor the financial indicators and relevant policies adopted by individual countries. A sovereign credit rating, an evaluation made by a credit rating agency, is also an important indicator. That is why the public treasury publishes certain information that is important to investors. Since this presentation is intended for participants in the global capital market, information is provided mostly in English.

Republic of Slovenia's sovereign credit ratings

The Republic of Slovenia's sovereign credit rating is a condition for access to the financing of the state budget in the capital market, the basis for the evaluation of the portfolios of investments of investors in government debt instruments and the basis for the credit ratings of Slovenian financial institutions and companies. Credit ratings are issued by credit rating agencies. Since 1996 the Republic of Slovenia has had contracts with the three major credit rating agencies for credit risk assessment: S&P, Moody's and Fitch Ratings.

Agency Rating Outlook Last change Date of the last rating confirmed
Standard and Poor's AA- stable 14 June 2019 9 June 2023
Moody's A3 stable 3 October 2020 6 October 2023
Fitch Ratings A stable 19 July 2019 20 October 2023

Stability programme

A stability programme sets out a multi-year macroeconomic and fiscal framework and key fiscal projections and their components and evaluates fiscal objectives in accordance with the requirements of the European Commission and the Stability and Growth Pact. Under the European Semester, Slovenia is obliged to submit its stability programme by the end of April for the next three years. The European Commission examines the programme as to whether its goals and content enable the achievement of the medium-term fiscal objective. If the Commission assesses that the minimum required fiscal efforts will not be achieved, it calls upon the Member State concerned to take action and adapt the stability programme.