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About the website

GOV.SI is the central website of the state administration and contains presentations of the Government, its ministries, the bodies within the ministries, government offices, and administrative units. The purpose of the website is to provide in a uniform, comprehensible and transparent manner information about the work and functioning of the state administration in different areas.

GOV.SI provides information on the work and organisation of the Governmentthe Prime Minister, ministries, bodies within ministries, government offices and all of the administrative units. The content of Slovenian diplomatic missions abroad and selected content of the state administration bodies currently still published on the websites of individual projects is being moved to GOV.SI.

Type of information

Information on the GOV.SI website is categorised into three groups according to the topic it addresses:

  • presentation of individual state administration bodies, their responsibilities and organisation;
  • policies (e.g. culture, agriculture, forestry and food, and foreign affairs) that direct the user to more detailed and complete information about each topic. Users do not have to know which body is responsible for the information they are searching for, as they can find it on the basis of the topic it addresses.
  • registries (e.g. of public notices, job vacancies and projects) that provide a single place for all announcements to be made by the state administration bodies and ensure greater transparency and availability of information.

News and events associated with the state administration bodies are also available in one place.

In addition to the complete presentation of the state administration bodies, GOV.SI provides basic data about other national authorities and links to their websites (for example the President of the Republic, the National Assembly, the National Council and courts).

Website administrators

GOV.SI is the central website of the state administration bodies, meaning that the content is provided by all the ministries, bodies within the ministries, government offices and administrative units. Each body is responsible for its published information being accurate, timely and correct. At the bottom of each webpage there is a notice saying which body is responsible for the published information. All the state administration bodies publish their content in compliance with the uniform instructions issued by the Government Communication Office as the GOV.SI content coordinator.

GOV.SI language versions

The information on GOV.SI is published in the Slovenian language. Essential information about national authorities is also provided in the languages of the ethnic minorities, i.e. the Italian and Hungarian languages respectively. The content of the state administration bodies (especially the administrative units) that operate on bilingual territories of the Republic of Slovenia is to a greater extent provided in the Italian and Hungarian languages. GOV.SI also provides essential information in English.

With the gradual transfer of the content of the Slovenian diplomatic missions abroad to the GOV.SI website, selected content will be available not only in Slovenian and English but also in the official languages of the host countries.

GOV.SI is the result of the project entitled Renewal and Optimisation of the State Administration Websites

GOV.SI is the result of the project entitled Renewal and Optimisation of the State Administration Websites, which was managed by the Ministry of Public Administration in cooperation with the Government Communication Office. The project was financed with European funds and the state budget. It was completed in November 2021 with the transfer to GOV.SI of all the presentation websites of the state administration bodies.

In October 2019, the GOV.SI website was awarded the Brumen Foundation Award for Excellent Slovenian Design, and in July 2020, the 2020 Netko Prize for the best website of a public or non-governmental organisation.

Accessibility statement

Hereby, the state administration bodies of the Republic of Slovenia undertake to enable access to all users to the central website of the national administration GOV.SI in accordance with the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act - in Slovenian (Zakon o dostopnosti spletišč in mobilnih aplikacij).

This Accessibility Statement refers to the website GOV.SI.

To guarantee fulfilment of the requirements regarding accessibility, the following adaptations have been systemically ensured:

  • a responsive design (the adaptation of content layout to screen resolution),
  • the display of content for assistive technology users (for example: screen reader, Braille display),
  • keyboard navigation (adaptation for users who cannot use a computer mouse),
  • appropriate colour contrasts (between the text and the background),
  • predictable website operation,
  • all live streams and recordings of public releases after government sessions are accompanied by interpretation into Slovenian sign language; other video recordings may contain subtitles,
  • adding alternative text to images is enabled,
  • usage of different heading levels is enabled.

Compliance status

The GOV.SI website is partially compliant with the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act due to the following exceptions listed below.

Non-accessible content

We constantly monitor the accessibility of the GOV.SI website, and continuously improve individual accessibility elements. Nevertheless, some published content does not comply with all the requirements regarding accessibility as stipulated by the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act.

Preparation of this accessibility statement

  • This statement was prepared on 1 July 2019 on the basis of self-evaluation.
  • The statement was last reviewed on 17 April 2023.

Feedback and contact information

Due to frequent content updates, users may encounter accessibility problems while browsing on the GOV.SI website despite efforts to make all information as accessible and user-friendly as possible.

You can send notification of the potential non-compliance of published content with the provisions of the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act and request that information be sent in accessible format by ordinary post or via e-mail sent to the responsible state administration body that published the subject content. In your message please indicate:

  • the nature of your accessibility problem,
  • the preferred format in which you want to receive any materials, and
  • your contact information.

Information on the responsible institution for individual content can be found at the bottom of every webpage on GOV.SI.
Where information on the responsible institution is not indicated, please contact the main content coordinator of the GOV.SI website:

You will receive a reply within eight days of the submission of the notification or request. If we are not able to send an appropriate reply in this period, we will notify you when we will send a reply and the reasons for the delayed reply.

Enforcement procedure

If you identify any failure to comply with the provisions of the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act, you may file a report with an information society inspector by regular post or by e-mail sent to: