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Royal Belgian Film Archive in Brussels

The Retrospective of Slovenian Film

Between 2 and 22 December 2021, ten feature-length classics from the Slovenian film treasury – from the silent beginnings to present day productions – will be shown on the big screen of the Royal Belgian Film Archive in Brussels. The retrospective will open with a showing of the first Slovenian silent feature-length film In the Kingdom of Goldenhorn (V kraljestvu Zlatoroga) accompanied by live original music.

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SEMIC Conference “Human-Centric Data Spaces – Powered by Interoperability”

Over the last year, different sectors have started preparatory work on data spaces, aiming to foster a single market for data. Semantic interoperability is the key enabler for data to flow within the EU and across sectors. SEMIC2021 will therefore bring together stakeholders and practitioners across domains to discuss how data sets can be exchanged between data providers and consumers while protecting EU ethical values, ensuring human centricity and using emerging technologies.

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EU CIO Meeting

At an informal meeting, the heads of state information offices will discuss current issues, form common positions and exchange examples of good practice. The proposed discussion topics are the Berlin Declaration implementation, the participation of end-users in the co-creation of public services, the European Interoperability Framework and EU financial mechanisms for financing the digital transformation.

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E-Government Conference "Human-Centric Digital Transformation of Public Sector"

The conference follows the tradition of numerous E-Government events under previous presidencies of the Council of the EU. Speakers from public administrations, international organisations, business, academia and NGOs will present their inspiring examples of good practice, strategies, projects and research.

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EUPAN Directors-General Meeting

At this meeting Directors-General for Public Administration from EU Member States, observer countries, representatives of the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA), Trade Unions’ National and European Administration Delegation (TUNED), the European Commission and other invitees will exchange experiences and good practices in the field of human resource management in public administration.

Brussels, Belgium

Meeting of Attachés for Telecommunications and Information Society

In the working meeting of attachés of EU member states, the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU will present the achievements of the Slovenian Presidency and Slovenian best practice relating to telecommunications and information society.