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Ministry of the Economy, Tourism and Sport

  • Tomorrow marks 23 years since the Slovenian anthem was heard at the Olympic Games for the first time. This was a very important event in Slovenian history, which is why this date was chosen as the day to celebrate Slovenian sports. To mark this year’s Day of Slovenian Sport, the Bank of Slovenia has issued a new collector coin.

  • Minister of the Economy, Tourism and Sport Matjaž Han today visited Carinthia as part of his tour of the border regions that form Slovenia's economic hinterland. As part of the Slovenian Minority Business Coordination, the Minister aims to strengthen economic cooperation with the regions along Slovenia's border, as these regions account for 30% of trade with neighbouring countries.

  • One of four semesters of the new international postgraduate study programme examining the physiology and medicine of humans in space and extreme environments will be implemented in Slovenia as part of the SpaceMed Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters. The University of Caen Normandy (France), the Charité – University Medicine Berlin (Germany) and the Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School (Slovenia) have joined forces in the programme.


  • Signing of an agreement to speed up and cheapen invention protection procedures for Slovenian companies

    The signing of the Working Agreement between the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office and the European Patent Organisation on search co-operation will enable applicants to obtain quality information more quickly in patent grant procedures. Applicants for European and international patent applications will be able to obtain additional financial benefits for an invention that has been pre-examined by the European Patent Office.

  • Most of the Slovenian economy is operating completely normally after the floods

    In early August, parts of Slovenia were hit by widespread flooding, which also caused great damage to part of the economy. Most of the Slovenian economy is functioning completely normally after the floods, it is safe and open for business.

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    Draft Act Determining Intervention Measures for Flood and Landslide Recovery of August 2023

    The Government of the Republic of Slovenia has set out the text of the draft Act Determining Intervention Measures for Flood and Landslide Recovery of August 2023 and is sending it to the National Assembly for consideration under the urgent procedure. The adoption of the draft Act will allow for the taking of urgent and effective measures to deal with the consequences of floods and landslides.