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President of the Republic

The President of the Republic represents the Republic of Slovenia and is commander-in-chief of its defence forces. The President of the Republic is elected in direct, general elections by secret ballot for a term of five years and may be elected for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Although the President of the Republic is part of the executive branch, the office is largely representative and involves proposing initiatives. The President of the Republic calls elections to the National Assembly, promulgates laws, appoints certain state officials, appoints and recalls ambassadors and envoys of the Republic of Slovenia, accepts letters of credence of foreign diplomatic representatives, issues instruments of ratification, decides on the granting of clemency, confers decorations and honorary titles, and performs other duties.

In situations where the normal functioning of the constitutional and political system is disrupted or even made impossible and individual state authorities cannot perform their duties, the President of the Republic has extraordinary powers and can declare war or a state of emergency, decide on emergency measures and their withdrawal and the use of defence forces, and issue decrees with the force of law relating to the defence of the state and the suspension of human rights and fundamental freedoms.