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Government Communication Office

  • Press release

    The Communication Office of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia (UKOM) has sent the Slovenian Press Agency (STA) the final version of the public service contract.

  • Today, the Government Communication Office (UKOM) sent the second draft of the contract to the Slovenian Press Agency that provides for the financing of the Slovenian Press Agency (STA), a public service, as defined by the Slovenian Press Agency Act. Numerous details were coordinated at yesterday’s coordination meeting. Currently, there are two elements that have yet to be coordinated. In the Slovenian Press Agency Act, it is stated that all content created as part of a public service must be freely accessible to all under equal conditions. Irrespective of this legal provision, the STA’s director Bojan Veselinović insists on continuing to sell certain services on the free market that are part of a public service and, in doing so, is in clear violation of the law, because those paying for the service would have different access to these services than those not paying for it.

  • In line with the tradition of the presiding countries, Slovenia has hosted correspondents from Brussels accredited at the EU institutions at the beginning of its presidency. The correspondents spoke to the highest representatives of the Government about the priorities of the Slovenian Presidency, and had an opportunity to experience Slovenia as a boutique, sustainable and safe tourist destination.


  • In Slovenia, the honey self-sufficiency rate in 2019 was 44% lower than in 2018

    In 2019, the world honey yield was 173% higher than in 1961. In 2019, 10,145 beekeepers in Slovenia were taking care of 208,000 hives (3,245 organic), each an average of 21 hives. In 2019, Slovenian beekeepers produced 650 tons of honey, 63% less than in 2018.

  • Press release regarding the Slovenian Press Agency (STA)

    The District Court in Ljubljana annulled the enforcement orders for the recovery of EUR 169,000.00 for January 2021 and EUR 169,000.00 for February 2021, issued by the District Court in Ljubljana against the Government Communication Office (UKOM) on the basis of the motion for enforcement filed by Slovenska tiskovna agencija, d.o.o., represented by Bojan Veselinović through the law firm Kozinc and Partners o.p., d.o.o. They also added that the court will decide on the claim and costs in civil proceedings before the District Court in Ljubljana.

  • A letter to EANA regarding the developments around the Slovenian Press Agency.

    We, too, would prefer that the events that occurred in the Slovenian Press Agency had never happened. Unfortunately, they did happen, and they should serve as a reminder and warning to all so that something similar never happens again.