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Coronavirus disease COVID-19

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The Government Communication Office is an independent specialist service of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. It ensures that the work of the Government is transparent, informs the Slovenian public about the work of the Prime Minister and ministries, and prepares and carries out communication campaigns on the key programme priorities of the Government.

It also informs the public abroad about the work of the Government, the Prime Minister, ministries and the Slovenian President and about important events in Slovenia. The Office provides specialist support to the Government Public Relations Officer, public relations offices of the ministries and other government offices, and communication support for larger state events, such as official state visits and high-level international meetings and conferences.

Its work also includes planning and implementing general promotional activities of the State and carrying out activities related to direct communication of the Government with citizens. In cooperation with the Government Public Relations Officer, the Office coordinates the activities of public relations advisers at the ministries and other government offices.


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