• 18 October – EU Anti-Trafficking Day – is intended to raise awareness of human trafficking and to encourage everyone involved to work harder in the fight against this phenomenon. “In Slovenia we are working for the fourth year in a row to increase awareness of forced labour and labour exploitation, which is a too-little recognised form of this serious crime”, said State Secretary at the Ministry of the Interior and National Anti-trafficking coordinator Sandi Čurin.

  • At its session today the government approved draft amendments to four tax, adopted the Draft Act amending the Pension and Disability Insurance Act, defined the text of the Draft Act amending the Labour Market Act and adopted a draft amendment to the text of the Aviation Act.

  • The Slovenian government put forward the draft state budgets for 2020 and 2021. The draft budgets follow the fiscal rule that requires medium-term balance of general government revenues and expenditures without borrowing. Total state budget expenditures of EUR 10.35 billion are planned in the next year, which is 1.9% higher than set out in the revised budget for 2019, while revenues are planned to rise by 4.5% to just under EUR 10.82 billion.