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  • At today’s correspondence meeting, the Government agreed to the draft amendments to the proposed Act Amending the Foreigners Act. Under the Act Determining the Aid to the Economy to Mitigate the Consequences of the Energy Crisis, funds totalling almost €400 million will be allocated to the economy to mitigate the high prices of electricity, natural gas and process steam.

  • At today’s session, the Government set the expenditure ceiling for the rebalancing of this year’s budget, and adopted a proposal for an amendment to the Companies Act and a proposal for an amendment to the Industrial Property Act. The Government did not grant a discharge to the Management Board and Supervisory Board of 2TDK, Družba za razvoj projekta, d.o.o.

  • At today's correspondence meeting, the government decided to temporarily suspend the execution of individual expenditures relating to integral items of the state budget as of 23 March 2023.


  • Government decisions adopted during the meeting of the Government Committee

    At the meeting of the Government Committee for State Regulation and Public Affairs, the government, inter alia, changed the value of the projects “Unmanned aircraft with NRC (nuclear, radiological, chemical) upgrade”, “Arrangement of hangars for JLTV vehicles (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle)”, “Triglav VNL (multipurpose ship)”, “Pro Line 21 advanced avionics for Falcon” and “Cougar helicopter upgrade” in the applicable Development Programmes Plan 2023–2026.

  • 41th regular session of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia

    At today's regular session, the Government took note of the starting points, priorities and dynamics of the negotiations with the representative trade unions of the public sector. It also adopted the starting points for the adjustment of the Recovery and Resilience Plan and decided to make available EUR 50 million in SID Bank’s loans to companies affected by the energy crisis.

  • Government decisions from the Government committee meetings

    At the meetings of the Government committees, the Government responded to the adopted conclusions of the National Council on the issue of the growing scope of environmentally sensitive areas of permanent grassland, included in the Development Programmes Plan for 2023-2026 a new project titled Construction of the central kitchen in the Nova Gorica General Hospital and increased the value of the project titled Logistics Centre of the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ).

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