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  • Former SFRY property in Rome allocated to Slovenia as part of the succession process

    Accompanied by a delegation, Ambassador Jožef Drofenik, Secretary General at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the authorised representative of the Republic of Slovenia for succession issues, attended the 20th meeting of the Joint Committee for the Distribution of Diplomatic and Consular Properties of the Former SFRY, in compliance with Annex B to the Agreement on Succession Issues, convened in Sarajevo on 13 and 14 September. At the meeting, the immovable property of the former SFRY in Rome was allocated to Slovenia.

  • Prime Minister Janša in the Savinjska Region

    A Slovenian Government delegation today visited the Savinjska region. In terms of area, the Savinjska statistical region is the fourth largest in Slovenia, and the third largest in terms of population. It comprises 31 municipalities.

  • Public debate on challenges and perspectives of the Savinjska region

    Members of the Government first met for a working consultation in Podčetrtek, followed by separate programmes for the Prime Minister and ministers. During the visit, the Prime Minister and ministers met representatives of businesses, institutions, municipalities and other stakeholders in the region, which was followed by a public debate.

  • Arbitration

    As Slovenia and Croatia had not managed to resolve their dispute concerning the border on land and sea despite numerous attempts, on 4 November 2009, they signed the Arbitration Agreement establishing an Arbitral Tribunal.

  • SFRY Succession

    Under the auspices of the international community Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia – today Serbia signed the Agreement on succession issues by which it was conclusively confirmed that five sovereign equal successor states were formed upon the dissolution of the former SFRY.