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  • The Government adopted the proposal for the Healthcare Digitalisation Act, instructed the Ministry of Infrastructure to continue procedures to improve air connectivity, including possible integration with existing airlines, and took note of the information on the activities of the Ministry of Defence for the withdrawal of the Republic of Slovenia from the Boxer programme.

  • The Government adopts its opinion on the proposal by Members of the Parliament on the construction of the C0 connecting canal and gives its consent to the amendments to the Draft Resolution on the National Drug Programme 2023–2030.

  • At the government committee sessions, the Government agreed, among other things, on an amendment to the draft act amending the Judicial Service Act, adopted an opinion on the request of the National Council for a reconsideration of the amendment to the Implementation of the Republic of Slovenia Budget Act, and adopted the Eco Fund's Business and Financial Plan for 2023.


  • 52nd regular session of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia

    The Government has agreed on the text of the proposed Act Amending the Higher Vocational Education Act and submitted it to the National Assembly for consideration under the shortened procedure. The Government also adopted the Medium-Term Defence Programme of the Republic of Slovenia 2023–2028.

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    We live in a country governed by the rule of law and open society with values such as freedom and solidarity

    "Our main promise we gave to the people when we were elected was that we would live in a normal country again. That means a functioning rule of law, democracy and an open society. We have delivered on that promise," Prime Minister Robert Golob said on the occasion of the 1st anniversary of the Government. Together with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Tanja Fajon and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Luka Mesec, they summarised the work of the Government so far.

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    51st regular meeting of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia

    The government adopted a proposal for the amendment to the Pension and Disability Insurance Act and a resolution on pension indexation. It decided that the eligible costs of interventions during windstorms in north-eastern Slovenia are to be reimbursed to the municipalities.

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