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  • Today, the Government agreed on the text of the proposed Reconstruction, Development and Provision of Financial Resources Act, whose aim is to provide mechanisms for accelerated reconstruction and development in areas that were flooded in August and protection against future natural disasters.

  • At today's session, the Government continued its consideration of the proposed Act on Reconstruction, Development and the Provision of Financial Resources. It approved the proposed amendment to the Public Use of the Slovenian Language Act, the proposed amendment to the Building Act and the proposed Minimum Tax Act.

  • At today’s sessions of the Committee on the Economy, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia included two new investment projects of the GREMO Consortium into the current Development Programmes Plan, namely e-MOTION – Experimental Development and i-MOTION – Industrial Research.


  • 152nd correspondence meeting of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia

    At today's correspondence meeting, the Government adopted a Report on the implementation of the state budget in the first half of this year, adopted positions on the opinions of the National Council on budget documents, and took a position on the amendments to the draft budget amendments for 2024 and the amendments to the supplemented draft state budget for 2025.

  • 80th Regular Meeting of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia

    The Government agreed to the proposed amendments to the proposal for the Implementation of the Republic of Slovenia’s Budget for 2024 and 2025 Act and issued a Decree amending the Decree on the method of determining and calculating the contribution for ensuring support for the production of electricity from high-efficiency cogeneration and renewable energy sources.

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    79th regular session of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia

    At today's meeting, the Government adopted a draft amendment to the Restriction on the Use of Tobacco Products and Related Products Act, which bans all attractive fruity, sweet and herbal flavours in electronic cigarettes, except for the taste or smell of tobacco or menthol. The draft amendment also introduces a ban on smoking rooms, that is, a complete ban on smoking in all enclosed public and work places.

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