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The treasury provides resources for financing the state budget and manages cash resources so that liquidity is guaranteed at all times. We strive for efficient and effective management of state cash assets and public finances. The national treasury is responsible for liquidity and the financing of the state budget deficit and the management and servicing of debt.

Liquidity management includes the monitoring of the cash-flow dynamics and forecasting trends on the basis of which liquidity measures are planned. Payment and refinancing of debt are the primary tasks in debt management. At the national level, treasuries may be organised within the ministry of finance or the economy or the central bank or as an independent public agency. In Slovenia, the treasury is part of the Ministry of Finance.

Borrowing and debt management

Borrowing and management of state budget debt are among our main tasks. When planned expenditure exceeds planned revenue, the deficit is covered by borrowing. Borrowing is also used to pay off the principal of the debt if it cannot be repaid from the budget surplus or other budget revenue. Annual budget financing programmes are drawn up to guarantee timely financing in the required amounts and to minimise long-term financing costs. In these programmes, we strive to enhance the liquidity of government securities and contribute to the development of a secondary market therein.

Treasury single account

Management of public sector cash resources is crucial for a functioning state. Slovenia established a management system based on a treasury single account.  In practice, this means that the cash resources of several budget users are managed centrally and hence more economically. Budget users that have liquid assets on their sub-accounts deposit their surpluses with the treasury single account system. Budget users with deficits, on the other hand, can borrow from the treasury single account system. Specific to the Slovenian system is that there is one single treasury account for the State and one for each municipality.