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View of Lake Bled, in the middle of the lake is Bled Island.

Port of Koper as a green point of entry into the heart of Europe

As the only Slovenian international cargo port, Luka Koper (Port of Koper) is of key strategic importance for Slovenia. It stands as the closest connection between Central and Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. Due to its importance and, above all, its sustainable development, Luka Koper was awarded the honorary title of Ambassador of the Slovenian Economy by the public agency Spirit Slovenia.

The title relates to the promotion of the Slovenian economy under the slogan I FEEL SLOVENIA. Green. Creative. Smart. Ambassadors are companies that provide ground-breaking solutions and showcase the key competitive advantages of the Slovenian economy: green, creative, smart. The title of ambassador is a great honour for Luka Koper and provides an important opportunity.

Panoramic view of the Port of Koper.

The Port of Koper is also Slovenia's window into the world. | Author Jaka Jerasa


  • A special series of "I feel Slovenia" vehicles

    As the custodian of the "I feel Slovenia" national brand, we are pleased that a series of "I feel Slovenia" vehicles has been placed on the market which represents the best the Slovenian automotive industry has to offer. "I feel Slovenia" is a strong and proud brand. It is a Slovenian national brand that combines in its essence the beauty of Slovenian nature, our national identity and all the strengths of the Slovenian people.

  • Counting down the seconds to Expo

    The World Expo hosted by Dubai in the United Arab Emirates will commence at the beginning of October 2021 and last until 31 March 2022. Among the 192 participating countries, Slovenia will be featured with its national pavilion under the slogan, Slovenia. Green Smart Experience., as a sustainable, modern, creative and future-oriented country.