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Ambassadors of the Slovenian Economy

Slovenians are hard-working and motivated people. Work is an important value and we strive to be good at what we do. We see creativity as a source of encouragement for the development of society, and it comes as no surprise that the Slovenian business environment is based on the following approach: green, creative and smart.

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The Slovenian economy presents itself with the communication campaign “Green. Creative. Smart.” | Author SPIRIT Slovenija

Slovenia builds its competitiveness by strategically focusing on the development of technological solutions in niches of the green economy, environmental technologies, robotisation, mobility, digitalisation, development and research, and the creative industry.

Slovenian companies are developing new business models that enable growth without negative interventions in the environment. The economy is sustainable and directed towards users.

It offers creative, innovative and accessible solutions for people who support the long-term development of society. Slovenian companies have distinguished themselves both in Slovenia and abroad through many successful and highly innovative products. We are pleased to highlight products that are made in Slovenia.

Green. Creative. Smart.

The Slovenian economy presents itself with the communication campaign “Green. Creative. Smart.” The objective of the campaign is the comprehensive and uniform promotion of the Slovenian economy on global markets; to that end, SPIRIT Slovenia, which is conducting the campaign, has selected 19 ambassadors – Slovenian companies and organisations.

The main criterion for admission to the family of ambassadors of this national campaign for the promotion of the Slovenian economy was companies coming up with breakthrough solutions.

The condition was that they demonstrate the key competitive advantages of the Slovenian economy as green, creative and smart. In the second part of the campaign, which will take place in the second half of the year, these companies will be joined by up to 20 other Slovenian companies.

The companies and organisations operate in a wide variety of fields – from metrology to synthetic fibre manufacturing, production of LED mobile signs and software solutions, publishing, organic food production, house building, the aviation industry, and sports and sports equipment, the last being the most represented among applicants.

This diversity paints a representative picture of the Slovenian economy.

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Sensitivity to environmental issues also introduces many new attitudes, technologies, and economically viable solutions. | Author Kelvin Murray-GettyImages/GulliverFilm&Foto


The family of ambassadors of the Slovenian economy includes very different companies – micro, small, medium-sized and large companies, start-ups, growing companies, and companies at the mature stage of development. The companies are from all over Slovenia – from Primorje, Prekmurje, Gorenjska and southeast Slovenia. What they all have in common is that they are high-tech and highly sustainable companies whose innovative and smart solutions and high-quality products are the fruit of Slovenian knowledge.

According to the former Director of SPIRIT Slovenia Ajda Cuderman, they are working with the ambassadors to promote the competitiveness of Slovenian companies in the international environment. "Through the messages and activities of a broad digital marketing campaign, we will position the Slovenian economy in strategic export and investment markets as a trusted and reliable business environment. We expect a wide reach and even greater confidence in the Slovenian economy," she said.

The following slovenian companies were selected as the proud ambassadors for Slovenia's economy:

  • Akrapovič
  • Alpina
  • AquafilSLO
  • Ekoart Hiše (Ekoart Houses)
  • Elan
  • Equa
  • Hooray Heroes (Hooray Studios)
  • Ljubljanske mlekarne (Ljubljana Dairy)
  • Lotrič meroslovje (LOTRIČ Metrology)
  • Luka Koper (Port of Koper)
  • Lumar IG
  • myWater
  • Nordijski center Planica (Planica Nordic Centre)
  • Panorganix
  • Paradajz
  • Pipistrel
  • Plastika Skaza