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30 Years of Slovenia's Independence

The summit of Triglav with the Aljaž Tower, people sit and stand. Mountain view.

Triumphant Year of 1991

Developing and raising awareness of the core values and the most important events of contemporary Slovenian history is especially important in times of crisis.

We must not forget that bold decisions, such as the adoption of the independence act in 1991 on the basis of the plebiscite of 1990, the formation of our own army, the declaration of independence on 25 June 1991, the victory in the war for Slovenia and the withdrawal of the Yugoslav national army on 25 October 1991, have preserved the existence of the Slovenian state. Such achievements cannot be taken for granted.

Raising of Slovenian Flag, a crowd of people, some in national costumes.

On the Republic Square on 26th June. | Author Tone Stojko, hrani: Muzej novejše zgodovine Slovenije


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    David Sipoš is known to the Slovenian public as a film-maker and director of documentary feature films. He is a recipient of several national and international film festival awards.

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    Slovenians are celebrating 30 years of independence this year. Over the year, we have reached and even surpassed a number of milestones in the political, economic, cultural, sports and other fields. We can indeed be proud of our determination and courage, of our homeland of wonderful people and of our great achievements. Because it is not enough to say only »I wish«, but we also need »I want, I will and, finally, I did!«