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30 Years of Slovenia's Independence

The Slovenian anthem emphasises ties and friendship among nations

The last days of March 2021 mark the 31th anniversary since the then Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia adopted the National Anthem Act.

The seventh stanza of Zdravljica (A Toast), by France Prešeren, set to a piece of music of the same name composed by Stanko Premrl, became the Slovenian national anthem. The journey to the final decision was long. According to historian Božo Repe, Zdravljica is one of the few non-militant anthems.

Illustration: France Prešeren toasts to people.

A toast to all nations. | Author Damijan Stepančič


  • 7 April is the day of the Slovenian flag

    The national flag became established as a symbol of Slovenian identity back in the 19th century. The Slovenians determined the colours (white, blue and red) based on those featured in the coat of arms of the province of Carniola, and submitted them for the approval of the then ruling Austrian administration in Vienna, where the colours were accepted. The first national flag was hung by Slovenian students in Vienna in March 1848 during a period of revolutionary tumult.

  • Alenka Gotar: »The lifelong dream of our ancestors came true«

    Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Slovenia’s independence, we asked famous Slovenians what this anniversary means to them, whether they might remember certain events from that time – provided they were alive back then – whether their parents told stories of that period, and what an independent Slovenia means to them.