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The ballot. A hand placed on the ballot.

9. 5. 1991: Facilitated processing of independence laws

In accordance with the obligations arising from the plebiscite act, the Slovenian government sent to the assembly a package of proposed independence bills, with which Slovenia wanted to assume more powers of the federation and solidify the main areas of its statehood.

The deputies of all three chambers of the Slovenian assembly – the Socio-political Chamber, the Chamber of Associated Labour and the Chamber of Municipalities – listened to presentations of proposed bills in a joint session. The delegates, as the deputies were called at the time, as there was no separation of the legislative and executive powers, were addressed by Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel, Interior Minister Igor Bavčar and Deputy Finance Minister Stanko Debeljak.

Dimitrij Rupel and Igor Bavčar sit and talk in the National Assembly.

The delegates were addressed by Dimitrij Rupel and Igor Bavčar. | Author Tone Stojko, hrani: Muzej novejše zgodovine Slovenije