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Slovenia's brand: I feel Slovenia

“I feel Slovenia” is Slovenia’s country brand. Slovenia uses it to present itself at home and abroad and to strengthen its visibility, position, reputation and influence in the international arena.

Country brands help countries increase tourist visits, attract more direct foreign investment and enhance economic integration, foster closer cultural cooperation, and, in particular, increase their reputation in the world. And there is more to a country’s brand – it is something for its residents to feel and show their sense of belonging to the country.

About the brand

Slovenia presents itself at home and abroad with its country brand "I feel Slovenia". The brand was developed with a view to increasing Slovenia’s competitiveness in various areas. It has been used since 2007.

"I feel Slovenia" expresses the identity of Slovenia and Slovenians. The strength of a brand increases in proportion with the scope of its use, and it is important that its management is coordinated so that it ensures a comprehensive impact of all actors. The Government Communication Office performs the function of the brand’s manager and guardian on behalf of the Republic of Slovenia.

The choice of the brand’s slogan was by no means accidental: Slovenia cannot be encapsulated only in an image; it must be felt and experienced – through words, sounds, colours, touch and action. "I feel Slovenia" expresses emotions, and this sets it apart from the brands of other countries.

What is the "I feel Slovenia" brand?

  • It presents Slovenia at home and abroad.
  • It stands for everything good in Slovenia and from Slovenia.
  • It’s a slogan turned brand.
  • It proclaims Slovenian origin.
  • It’s a friendlier version of "Made in Slovenia".

Why Slovenia needs a brand?

In our globalised world, countries are facing increasing competition and various impacts of global society. A strong national brand gives a country and the products and services originating from it additional power. Strong and successful country brands are those that are well received by their users, first by the country's residents and then by visitors, tourists, investors, media and so on. The success of a brand is inextricably linked to the image and credibility of the country at home and abroad. Slovenia also uses its country brand to strengthen its image and reputation in the world.

A country brand can facilitate the generation of higher added value of every actor appearing on domestic and foreign markets – economic operators, agricultural producers, scientists, culture professionals, artists and athletes.

How was the brand created?

Many people representing various areas, from the business sector, tourism, culture, science, sports and politics to the general public, were involved in developing the concept of the brand. The aim was for the brand to truly represent all that makes Slovenia what it is. The broad approach to the concept of the brand’s core ensures that Slovenians are familiar with its content and that it also reflects who we are and what we do, what our strengths and advantages are, and what we are capable of achieving as a nation.

The core of the brand

Green is the basis of the "I feel Slovenia" brand. In Slovenia green is more than just a colour: the "Slovenian green" symbolises the balance between the calmness of nature and the diligence of the Slovenian people. It is a key distinct element of the brand. It speaks of unspoilt nature and our determination to keep it that way by planning our development sustainably.

The choice of green is clear – it reflects Slovenia’s high forest coverage (forests cover as much as two-thirds of the country) and unspoilt nature and our efforts to conserve it.  It symbolises a balanced lifestyle, joining pleasant excitement in pursuing personal desires and the common vision to move forward with nature. Slovenian green also marks our focus on the elemental, on what we feel with our hands. It affirms the harmony of all senses with which we experience Slovenia.

The brand’s identity

The identity of Slovenia’s brand is based on the following basic elements of its story:

  • Passion for everything we love,
  • Slovenia is different, and you can feel it,
  • Slovenia encourages you to take up things you enjoy,
  • Our vision is a green boutique country,
  • Our mission is clear – to move forward with nature (sustainable development),
  • Innovativeness,
  • Creativity.

These elements are common to all areas. They are also the common denominator of Slovenians and Slovenia and give them a special character. By using and combining these elements, consistent stories are created and Slovenian experience built. In part we are already living this experience, which reflects our common wishes for the development of our country. 

The core of the "I feel Slovenia" brand expresses the balance between the calmness of nature and the diligence of the Slovenian people. The basis of the brand is the Slovenian green, representing Slovenia’s high forest coverage, its unspoilt nature and our focus on its preservation. It symbolises a balanced lifestyle, joining pleasant excitement in pursuing personal desires and the common vision to move forward with nature. The Slovenian green also describes our focus on the elemental, on what we feel with our hands. The elements of the identity of Slovenia’s brand are common to all areas and are the common denominator of Slovenians and Slovenia.

The vision of the brand

We aim to become a country that is an example of quality of life. We are trying to achieve this by focusing on organic development, which is the core of our vision, with a niche economic orientation and circular economy. We support technologic development while taking nature into account.

One of the key values in our efforts to achieve business goals is responsibility. We want to invest in activities in which we excel, while supporting innovativeness, creativity, knowledge and Slovenia’s comparative advantages.