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In Slovenia, all the colours of the cultural and biological diversity of the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea, the Pannonian Plain, and the Karst merge into a "Slovenian green", which represents both the pristine nature of the country and the zeal of the Slovenian people to preserve it in this state. Greenness is the foundation of the country brand "I feel Slovenia", which represents our country both at home and around the world.

Promotional activities and goals

The country brand "I feel Slovenia" is used to present Slovenia to the public at home and abroad. Our promotional activities enhance its visibility internationally and in addition encourage Slovenians to identify with the brand "I feel Slovenia", to take it for their own and to sense it.

The use for promotional purposes of the "I feel Slovenia" brand is encouraged and supported, and in particular it is intended that the number of users of the brand in the economic and business area will increase and that links with other well-established Slovenian brands will be forged.

We represent Slovenia and promote its reputation both at major events that we either organise abroad or just actively participate in and at high-profile international events at home.

The visibility of Slovenia abroad is also enhanced through promotional publications and the Sinfo promotional magazine, published in English, promotional products, the "I feel Slovenia" signage systems, and the contents on the website.

Promotion of Slovenian Tourism

The Slovenian Tourist Board is the central national agency for the promotion of tourism. The activities of the Slovenian Tourist Board are aimed at increasing the recognisability of Slovenia as a green boutique destination of five-star experiences.

Through systematic planning, carrying out development and promotional activities, as well as using modern methods to position Slovenia on the world tourism map, the Slovenian Tourist Board has increased the visibility and reputation of Slovenia in recent years. A contributing factor was also the many notable international awards received by Slovenia, such as the award for hottest destination from Virtuoso, the leading global association in the luxury and boutique travel industry, the Sustainable Destination Award in "the Best of the Planet – Best of Europe" category, a prestigious award from National Geographic for sustainable destination management and many others.

The Slovenian tourism economy and its leading tourist destinations can promote their tourism offer through the activities of the Slovenian Tourist Board.

Information on Slovenian tourism can be found in tourism publications.

This is Slovenia

Slovenia is a small but diverse country that is proud of its achievements and interesting records: the oldest wooden wheel and axle in the world were found on its territory, it has the greatest proportion of the national territory included in the Natura 2000 network, thus reflecting its high level of biodiversity, it ranks third in Europe in terms of forest coverage, it has the deepest underground canyon and the largest intermittent lake in Europe, it is the homeland of the world renowned Lipizzaner horses, Slovenia’s karst caves are home to the world’s largest cave animal – proteus anguinus or the "human fish", it is one of the richest countries in Europe in terms of quantity of water per capita, and it can pride itself on the exceptional quality of its drinking water.

  • website website is the main national access point which provides users quick and easy access to information in English about Slovenia.

  • Sinfo - promotional magazine

    Sinfo - magazine in English that promotes Slovenia. Promotional magazine brings news from Slovenia on business, culture, science, sports and tourism.