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View of Lake Bled, in the middle of the lake is Bled Island.

Important dates for Slovenia

The year 1991 was a turning point for Slovenia and Slovenians. In that year, Slovenia appeared on the world political map as an independent country. The year 2004 was an important milestone for Slovenia, as in that year it joined the European Union and NATO.

On 1 January 2007, Slovenia became the first of the new Member States to adopt the EU's common currency. It was also the first new Member State to hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, during the first half of 2008.

A crowd in Republic Square. There's a parliament in the background and a raised flag.

Declaration of independence. | Author Srdjan Živulović/BOBO


  • Dialects enrich the Slovenian language

    Slovenia is a small country, but remarkably diverse and dynamic. Its colourfulness is also reflected in the Slovenian language, which prides itself on its many dialects. The dialects reflect the specific features of individual Slovenian regions, their culture, as well as linguistic and ethnographic heritage.

  • Symbols of Slovenia

    We also show our respect for the country through respect for its symbols. The coat of arms, flag and national anthem of the Republic of Slovenia are symbols that indicate affiliation with the country.