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A special series of "I feel Slovenia" vehicles

As the custodian of the "I feel Slovenia" national brand, we are pleased that a series of "I feel Slovenia" vehicles has been placed on the market which represents the best the Slovenian automotive industry has to offer.
A red car in the middle of The Main Square in Novo mesto.

"I feel Slovenia" Renault Clio. | Author Renault Slovenija

"I feel Slovenia" is a strong and proud brand. It is a Slovenian national brand that combines in its essence the beauty of Slovenian nature, our national identity and all the strengths of the Slovenian people. At the end of 2017, the Revoz company of Novo mesto proudly integrated the brand into their production of the fourth-generation Renault Clio. The "I feel Slovenia" vehicle immediately became a great hit. This time, the French car manufacturer Renault decided to offer its Slovenian customers a Twingo – an electric version as well – and the "I feel Slovenia" Clio. All three vehicles from the "I feel Slovenia" series will be manufactured in Slovenia and bear the renowned "I feel Slovenia" brand denoting the famous high quality of Slovenian products as well as sophisticated features. This is an exclusive range of vehicles available only in the Slovenian market.

 "I feel Slovenia" – exceptional brand for top-quality products

The Government Communication Office, which is the custodian of the "I feel Slovenia" national brand on behalf of the Republic of Slovenia, recognised the Slovenian Clio as a suitable Slovenian ambassador back in 2017 and permitted the use of the "I feel Slovenia" brand for the naming of this series of vehicles manufactured exclusively in Slovenia. This year, our joint story was upgraded.

"We are pleased that Renault recognised the strength of the Slovenian brand and that this was accepted exceptionally well by Slovenians, too, as has been proven by the success of the first "I feel Slovenia" Clio. We are proud that our joint story is now being further upgraded and that, in addition to the Clio, the good name of our brand will also be spread by the Twingo. Its sustainability story is especially exciting, which is also the story of our brand. We must be aware that the strength of the national brand also depends on the commitment of all of us to use it. The Government Communication Office, acting as the custodian of the national brand on behalf of the Republic of Slovenia, thus promotes a broad, but also thoughtful, use of the "I feel Slovenia" brand. The Government Communication Office strives hard for the brand’s integration and to raise awareness of it not only among the domestic, but also the foreign public. Let’s not forget: a strong national brand gives additional strength to the state, including its products and services. Its use around the world shows that Slovenia is an innovative, creative and credible country that is competitive in any international field," said mag. Uroš Urbanija, Director of the Government Communication Office.

Red car, you can see Piran in the background.

"I feel Slovenia" Renault Clio. | Author Renault Slovenija

A national brand is a strong tool for the promotion of a state. It helps to increase tourism, enhance direct foreign investment, economic integration and closer cultural cooperation, and it particularly contributes to consolidating the reputation of the country throughout the world. The story of our "I feel Slovenia" brand incorporates our nature, country and national identity. Simultaneously, it provides a great opportunity for the promotion and visibility of Slovenia in the international community. The "I feel Slovenia" brand, which Slovenia has been using since 2007, goes beyond mere promotion of tourism and natural features. It is also a story about the nation’s citizens, sports, culture, art, science, lifestyle, civil society, and more. It encompasses everything that Slovenia is and represents.