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The Surveying and Mapping Authority is an independent body within the Ministry of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning. It is a national land surveying service and is responsible for conducting administrative procedures and deciding in administrative cases at the first instance, issuing data from geodetic databases, and other administrative services and tasks of a land surveying service.

According to some estimates 80% of all information contains a reference to their location. Therefore it is extremely important for both individuals and communities to ensure a high-quality and globally interoperable infrastructure for the geographical positioning of data.


Activities and role

The Surveying and Mapping Authority performs tasks related to the establishment, management and maintenance of databases concerning the basic geodetic system, the recording of real estate, the mass valuation of real estate, the state border, spatial units and house numbers, the consolidated cadastre of public infrastructure, and the topographic and cartographic system.

 It is responsible for capturing, updating, storing and transmitting basic spatial and real estate data from databases, provides services related to recording changes in physical space and real estate, and performs the role of coordinator for the real estate system and spatial data infrastructure.

The Authority maintains the system of mass valuation of real estate, keeps a record of and monitors data on purchase and sale and rental transactions in real estate, analyses the real estate market, draws up periodic reports on the developments in the real estate market, and provides information on the market and estimated market values of real estate.

It manages the national coordination system, which serves as the basis for the geographical positioning of data and provides the infrastructure for conducting geodetic measurements.

Through international cooperation and participation, the Authority ensures the implementation of European guidelines and policies on real estate recording, cartography and geoinformatics. The Authority also performs the tasks of the national contact point for the implementation of the EU Directive INSPIRE.

Vision and goals

The vision of the Surveying and Mapping Authority is to become a reference organisation for the official spatial data infrastructure and real estate regulation in Slovenia, which will stimulate the sustainable development of society and put Slovenia among the advanced spatially enabled societies, where all important decisions will be made on the basis of effective services within a public spatial data infrastructure and land management using official high-quality spatial and real estate data.

Its goal is to provide infrastructure for spatial information, effective services and high-quality official spatial data in a manner that is in accordance with the high standards of a geoinformation society.

Organizational units