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Slovenia aims to raise awareness of the importance, goals, and achievements of development cooperation and humanitarian aid. It is essential to realise that such activities in partner countries also indirectly affect life in Slovenia.

Slovenian Development Days

Slovenian Development Days is the flagship event for the promotion and awareness-raising of development cooperation and humanitarian aid. The event also provides a forum for experts from Slovenia and abroad, government representatives and NGOs, international organisations, and academia to discuss relevant current topics and cooperation.

Visual identity

Slovenia's development cooperation and humanitarian aid is visually represented by an emblem in different shades of green with the wording Slovenia: Aid & Partnerships. Its shape evokes a hand embracing the world. The colours gradually merge into each other, inspired by Slovenia’s natural environment. The colour gradation alludes to development, advancement and partnership. Light green symbolises grassland and ownership, dark green forests and sustainability, green-blue the land in between and effectiveness, light blue the sky and empowerment, and dark blue water and mutual responsibility.

The emblem and the wording form an indivisible and immutable whole, meaning that it is not permitted to alter the proportions between the elements, modify it in any way, use only one of the elements or incorporate it in whole or in part into any other emblem.

The basic version of the emblem includes a colour positive, a black-and-white positive and a negative. Its secondary variations are intended for different forms of international aid. The emblem’s different appearances (e.g. on official stationery, promotional material or roll-up banner stands) are described in more detail in the Visual Identity Manual, which should be consulted by all employees, external contractors and designers to ensure the consistent use of the emblem.