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Slovenia Grateful for International Community's Assistance in Flood Relief

Due to the immense damage caused by floods, on August 6, 2023, Slovenia requested assistance from the EU and NATO. Both mechanisms were promptly activated.

Slovenian Armed Forces provide assistance in the flooded areas.

Slovenian Armed Forces provide assistance in the flooded areas. | Author MoD

In addition to aid through these mechanisms, Slovenia also receives bilateral assistance from other countries.

The coordination of all international aid is managed by the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, which maintains constant communication with both aid coordination centres in Brussels. As of today, August 9, 2023, 134 members of international teams from six countries with 46 machines, including ten excavators primarily clearing the devastation in the Savinja Valley, have provided aid to Slovenian teams. Six helicopters with crews and two mobile bridges have also been supplied by countries to address the flood aftermath.

The first to extend their help were neighbouring Croatia and Hungary, assisting in reinforcing the embankments along the Mura River to prevent further catastrophe. Following the activation of the EU and NATO mechanisms, assistance has also come from Germany, Austria, France, and Spain. Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and North Macedonia have also offered their support.

Information regarding international aid has been collected and published on the portal, where updates will be provided daily.