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Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief

  • The Republic of Türkiye requested assistance through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism in the aftermath of a powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 that struck on 6 February at 2:17 European time, followed by a number of aftershocks. A total of 10 provinces were affected, and according to media reports, the number of dead, injured and missing people is rising rapidly, with an estimated 5 million people living within a 5km radius of the earthquake's epicentre.

  • On 7th December, Minister of Defence Matej Tonin and the European Commissioner Janez Lenarčič attended the Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network Day/ video conference.

  • EU grants to improve flood preparedness and response capacity of civil protection teams at all levels, including of volunteer and professional fire departments, Mountain Rescue Service, Cave Rescue Service and other relevant teams


  • Panel discussion in Croatia

    On 18th October 2022 a panel discussion took place in Zagreb, Croatia, within the European project Safe and Equal in EMErgencies –“SEE ME”.

  • This time the panel was held in Croatia

    On 18th ob October 2022, within the european project Safe and Equal in EMErgencies - ˝SEE ME" panel discussion took place in Zagreb, Croatia.

  • Panel discussion in Slovenia

    A panel discussion was held in Ig Training Centre (ICZR Ig), Slovenia, on 11th October 2022 as part of the planned project activities within the European Project Safe and Equal in EMErgencies – “SEE ME”.