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Political cooperation

Bilateral Relations

Canada has excellent relations with Slovenia. Canada recognized Slovenian independence in January 1992, and established diplomatic relations a year later. There are approximately 40,000 Canadians of Slovenian origin, so there is a strong Slovenian Community and presence in Canada. Slovenia has an Embassy in Ottawa and honorary consuls in Toronto, West Vancouver, Moncton and Calgary. Canada's Ambassador to Slovenia is resident in Budapest, Hungary. It is assisted by an honorary consul in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Multilateral Cooperation

Canada and Slovenia often seek shared goals due to a common commitment to multilateralism and the rule of law. Canada and Slovenia work together particularly in the Human Security Network. Slovenia is a strong supporter of the Ottawa landmines process.


Slovenia joined NATO on April 1 2004; Slovenia's membership in NATO has led to close cooperation between our defence forces. Slovenian troops were deployed alongside Canadian forces in Afghanistan in 2003, and were the first non-Canadian recipients of the Canadian General Campaign Star, in February 2006.

Slovenian community in Canada

There is a strong Slovenian community in Canada and the Embassy assists all Slovenian organizations and citizens on issues with Slovenia and helps promote Slovenia to all Canadians. In addition, the Government Office for Slovenians Abroad supports cultural, education, sports, business and science cooperation among Slovenians abroad. It ensures that Canadian Slovenians or any Slovenians living abroad can find a link to Slovenia.

Slovenians can be found in every province however, a majority of Slovenians are located in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia. There are a number of Slovenian Associations and Groups across Canada. There are two large associations in Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia and many more in Ontario. There are three Slovenian churches in Toronto, Hamilton and Montreal.

The first Slovenians came to Canada in the early 1900’s. The second generation of Slovenians came as refugees after the second world war. The third generation of Slovenians came in the 1960’s. Currently, Slovenians continue to visit Canada and some continue to emigrate. Most of the emigration moves to Ontario where the community is largest.

The Slovenian communities continue to hold on to the tradition of Slovenia to enrich Canada and other ethnic communities. We have a list of Slovenian groups, organizations and churches in Canada. If you would like your group or association included, please contact us at