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Nature parks, nature reserves and natural monuments

Protected areas include nature parks, nature reserves and natural monuments. Nature parks (i.e. wider protected areas under the law) are classified into national, regional and landscape parks. They are protected by the state, the municipalities, or the state and municipality together and are subject to special regimes and prohibitions.

On-the-spot nature protection

Be it an animal, plant or inanimate nature, we usually want to preserve it where it is (in situ). That is why we protect their living spaces, as they are crucial for their survival in the future as well.

All protected areas have been designated by Slovenia with regulations on nature conservation, and many of them are also of international importance (for example Natura 2000 and Ramsar).

Flowering tree in Kozjansko Regional Park

The Kozjansko Regional Park | Author Barbara Ploštjaner

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Nature park and nature reserve management

All major and some smaller nature parks and nature reserves are managed by state or municipal public institutions, concessionaires or public utility units (operators). Their most important task is to protect animal and plant species, habitat types, natural features, and landscape by taking appropriate action. They also arrange visits and raise public awareness. The monitoring of compliance with regulatory regimes is carried out by nature conservation and voluntary supervisors.

Slovenia set up and provides management for:

Individual municipalities manage the following nature parks:

Areas of parks on the map of Slovenia

If your land is located in a protected area and you wish to sell it, the state has a pre-emptive right. This means that you first have to offer your land to the state – you should send an offer to the Slovenian Environment Agency.

If you wish to build or otherwise intervene in the area or nature in a protected area, you should first check whether such intervention is allowed by the regime specified in the regulation on the establishment of the protected area.