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Endangered and protected species of plants and animals

In Slovenia, one-fifth of higher plant species, more than four-fifths of all known amphibian and reptile species, and almost half of mammal species are on the red list of endangered species.

Protection of endangered species

In Slovenia, all wild species of plants, animals and fungi are protected by law, which prohibits the deliberate destruction of or damage to plants or animals without a justified reason. It also prohibits the extinction of species or endangering their existence.

Wild animals may not be kept in captivity (e.g. as pets) if their living conditions and care are not adequate.

European bee-eater

European bee-eater | Author Hrvoje Oršanič

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Protected species

Endangered species are any that is at risk of extinction. Those species that are endangered are listed in the red list provided for by the regulation. They are subject to stricter rules. Species of plants and animals which are most at risk or are internationally protected are protected by special regulations: protected plant species, protected animal species.

71 plant species, 15 genera and one family and 389 animal species, 34 orders and 17 genera are protected in Slovenia. As the regulation protects not only species but also entire genera, orders and even one family, the number of protected species also depends on the taxonomic status at a given time, as well as on the knowledge on the emergence of species. This ensures that a species is protected even if it is rediscovered in Slovenia or an existing species is renamed another species or if a taxon is divided into multiple new taxa.

Damage to property

If a protected species causes damage to human property, the state shall be responsible for it. While owners are obliged to do whatever is necessary to protect their property from damage, if such damage nevertheless occurs, the state is obliged to pay compensation.