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Ministry of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning

  • In assuming the Presidency of the Barcelona Convention, Slovenia has also succeeded in implementing an initiative for interregional integration of monitoring of the major ecosystems of the Danube, Black Sea and Mediterranean, with the aim of reducing negative effects on the world's most international river basin. The work programmes for individual sites were already agreed on the margins of the Barcelona Convention in Portorož, and the cooperation was formally confirmed at the meeting of the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) in Vienna last week.

  • Zaključilo se je 23. zasedanje držav pogodbenic Konvencije o varovanju morja in obal Sredozemlja – Barcelonske konvencije – COP 23 (angleško Conference of Parties – COP). Pogodbenice so sprejele več pomembnih zavez za zaščito Sredozemlja ob vse večjem vplivu podnebnih sprememb, zmanjševanju biotske raznovrstnosti in onesnaženju. V ospredju COP 23 je bila vključenost mladih v procese odločanja.

  • "When it comes to the environment, there are no borders. There is only one environment, and that is the environment of our planet. We must take action and we must act globally. You will be proud of what Slovenia is going to stand for in the next two years," Prime Minister Dr Robert Golob told the delegates gathered at the 23rd Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention – COP 23, as Slovenia takes over the Presidency.


  • COP 23: Successfully completed negotiations on the content of the Portorož Declaration

    On the second day of the meeting of 21 contracting parties to the Barcelona Convention, which is currently ongoing in Portorož, the Delegates focused on marine spatial planning, ballast water management and inert waste disposal. Today, the countries also completed the final content harmonization of the Portorož Declaration, which will be adopted at tomorrow's ministerial meeting. The countries also support the idea of establishing a new regional climate change centre.

  • Almost EUR 60 million in direct cash assistance paid so far to people affected by floods

    The Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (FURS) today paid the first EUR 4.5 million in advance payments to homeowners for the reconstruction of homes damaged by floods and landslides on 4 August 2023. To date, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning has advanced EUR 218.5 million for emergency rehabilitation to all municipalities that have submitted applications.

  • Slovenia took over the presidency of the Barcelona convention

    Around 400 representatives of Mediterranean countries have gathered in Portorož, at the 23rd meeting of member parties of the Barcelona Convention – Conference for Mediterranean Countries (COP 23 – Contracting parties) and over half of them are high-ranking representatives of 21 Mediterranean countries. The opening speech was given by State Secretary Maša Kociper, who welcomed the gathered delegates on behalf of Slovenia, as the new country of presidency over the Convention.