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Internationalisation as an important factor of economic growth, added value and competitiveness is of strategic importance to the Slovenian economy.


Internationalisation is one of the key elements of current and future economic growth, which is why it is regarded it as the central orientation of Slovenian strategic development. Slovenian economy is open, export-oriented and highly integrated in global value chains, with exports accounting for almost 80 % of GDP (2020). 

Slovenia's main trading partners are within the EU, which indicates the country's high level of integration into the EU market and EU supply chains. However, Slovenia's geographical and product versatility are also some of the key factors that explain the success of the country's export sector. Moreover, the government is striving further to diversify its exports and support export companies with various measures. An important part of its work is an active promotion of Slovenian business and investment environment as well as an active trade policy that improves the conditions for Slovenian companies on international markets.

Programme for Investment Promotion and Internationalisation of the Slovenian Economy

  • The Programme promoting Investment and the Internationalisation of the Slovenian Economy sets ambitious objectives and clear strategic and efficient measures for a 5-year period, from December 2021 to November 2026 that are designed to ensure the long-term competitiveness and resilience of the Slovenian export economy and attract sustainability-oriented investment.

Partnering with Slovenia

Slovenia offers a supportive environment for emerging businesses looking to thrive internationally through its technically-savvy workforce and pro-business infrastructure. 

The Slovenian economy is green, creative and smart, which is evidenced by its focus on the green economy and sustainable development to become an advanced, low-carbon society that actively responds to global challenges and co-create new trends. Slovenia will continue with its creative and smart vision towards the faster development of a digital society based on science and information technologies. The country's central geostrategic position at the heart of Europe with direct access to the Adriatic Sea and modern infrastructure are important elements of its competitiveness. But its most important advantage lies in its people who are highly motivated, educated and experienced with a good knowledge of languages and have strong regional connections. 

Slovenian government and public institutional bodies provide many free-of-charge services to existing and potential Slovenian partners, investors, suppliers and exporters, helping them to enhance their cross-border operations, increasing the geographical diversification of Slovenian exports and creating better conditions for Slovenian companies on foreign markets. SPOT Global run by SPIRIT Slovenia works as one-stop-shop for every information you may need.  

Measures to promote internationalisation

Internationalisation measures are designed to boost Slovenian companies in all phases of their export-oriented development, ranging from the preparatory phase, market entry, export operations to consolidate their position on a foreign market and diversify into new foreign markets. In this context, it is important to emphasise the importance of maintaining a presence in traditional markets as well as seeking opportunities in new foreign markets in order to increase the diversification of exports.

Key measures relate to:

  • promoting the competitiveness and resilience of Slovenian exports,
  • attracting, supporting and retaining foreign investors in Slovenia, 
  • supporting Slovenian companies investing abroad,
  • improving the international visibility of the Slovenian economy,
  • improving the functioning of the internationalisation support ecosystem itself.

In addition to traditional measures such as co-financing market research and activities related to trade fairs and business events to encourage companies to enter foreign markets, support is also targeted at new forms of encouraging the internationalisation of companies, i.e. the digitalisation of companies, e-content as part of business operations, new business models,  partnerships with the aim of jointly entering a selected foreign markets and similar.

The majority of  the measures are implemented through the public agency Spirit Slovenia and the Slovenian Enterprise Fund. Additional export financing measures are implemented by SID Bank, while the Centre for International Cooperation and Development implements part of the Republic of Slovenia's bilateral international development cooperation.

In addition, support is focused also towards suppliers, which includes tailor made information about Slovenian suppliers, database of Slovenian exporters Sloexport, distribution of your inquiry among Slovenian exporters, organisation of fact-finding missions, links with industry and local authorities, and advice on practical matters. More detailed information for Slovenian potential suppliers, business environment, industries and other business-specific information can be found on the portal Slovenia Business