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The interests of Slovenian businesses abroad are protected and promoted by a network of diplomatic missions and consular posts and their economic advisers who assist Slovenian businesses in entering foreign markets. These efforts are complemented by a worldwide network of Slovenia's honorary consuls, whose main role is to represent Slovenia's economic interests.

Tasks of economic diplomacy

The Directorate for Economic and Public Diplomacy, in partnership with the network of Slovenia's representations abroad and other governmental and non-governmental organisations in charge of the internationalisation of the Slovenian economy, provides the following services:

  • Organisation of meetings of intergovernmental commissions for economic cooperation;
  • Organisation of incoming and outgoing business delegations during visits of senior officials;
  • Promotion of Slovenia as a country open to foreign direct investments;
  • Support to Slovenian businesses in entering foreign markets or expanding their operations there, and in solving problems in the form of various free services;
  • Support to foreign companies in establishing contacts with Slovenian businesses;
  • Reviews and analyses of the macroeconomic situation in countries of accreditation;
  • Coordination of the institutional bilateral economic cooperation between Slovenia and countries of accreditation;
  • Coordination of economic activities related to the EU and international organisations.

Support of economic advisers

Economic advisers at Slovenian representations abroad offer Slovenian businesses the following services*:

  • Assistance in establishing contacts with ministries and other state institutions, chambers of commerce, business associations, and media at national and regional levels;
  • Services to boost exports;
  • Assistance in tackling problems raised by ministries, other institutions, and businesses;
  • Organisation of business meetings, fairs, presentations, seminars, conferences, and other promotional events, as well as participation in these events;
  • Information on business opportunities, international tenders, industries, and fairs potentially interesting for Slovenian institutions and businesses;
  • Collecting and forwarding business information and promoting business opportunities;
  • Advisory support in entering a receiving state market;
  • Assistance in establishing contacts with potential business partners;
  • Advisory and information support for potential foreign investors;
  • Activities aimed at attracting foreign investors in cooperation with SPIRIT Slovenia.

*The content and scope of services provided in individual countries may vary according to available capacities and local conditions.

List of economic advisers