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International economic cooperation

The economic environment is increasingly globalised and connected and companies increasingly engaged in international trade. International economic cooperation is crucial for Slovenia, as exports account for more than 80 % of its GDP. We support companies in all phases of their international operations, pursue an active trade policy and emphasise the importance of economic diplomacy. Slovenia endeavours to attract foreign direct investment and is an active member of international organisations.


Internationalisation increases the added value and competitiveness of Slovenian companies through exports, imports or global value chains. It enables the transfer of technology and knowledge and reduces costs.

The internationalisation of Slovenian businesses brings new challenges for companies, which have to quickly adjust to novelties and changes, policymakers and creators of the business environment alike. We provide many free-of-charge services to existing and potential Slovenian exporters, helping them to enhance their cross-border operations, increasing the geographical diversification of Slovenian exports and creating better conditions for Slovenian companies on foreign markets.

Our activities are focused on the promotion of Slovenia as an excellent opportunity for foreign direct investment. A whole range of services is geared towards increasing investment in all fields to create new jobs and ensure balanced regional development and additional tax revenue. Learn more about Slovenia and its potential for your business at Slovenia Business.

An important part of our work is an active trade policy that improves the conditions for Slovenian companies on international markets.

From the very first step

We support Slovenian companies in all the phases of their export-oriented development, ranging from the preparatory phase, market entry, export operations and strengthening of their positions on foreign markets to gaining new markets. We also help businesses with financial incentives. In addition to co-financing market research and activities related to trade fairs, we support new forms that encourage internationalisation, i.e. digitalisation of businesses, e-content as part of business operations, new business models, partnerships for joint penetration of foreign markets and similar.

All these activities are provided under the brand name SPOT Global run by SPIRIT Slovenia.

Economic diplomacy

The interests of Slovenian companies abroad are protected and promoted by a network of Slovenian embassies and consulates. Among other things, these organise inward and outward business delegations accompanying high state representatives on their visits. Slovenian embassies and consulates promote Slovenia as an excellent investment opportunity and provide support to companies entering new markets or expanding their operations abroad. They coordinate economic activities associated with the EU and international organisations.

As a member of international organisations, Slovenia is obliged to implement restrictions imposed by such organisations. There is no common definition of what constitutes restrictive measures, but in principle these measures are applied, instead of force, by the international community to states endangering international peace and security in order to make them change their conduct.