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Foreign nationals from third countries require a single residence and work permit in order to reside and work in Slovenia. Single permits are issued by administrative units and approved by the Employment Service of Slovenia. Work permits are issued for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, and for seasonal work in agriculture for a period of up to 90 days.

Single permit

The single residence and work permit as ‘single permit’ grants third-country nationals the right to enter and reside in Slovenia, as well as the right to be employed, self-employed or work in the country. It simplifies procedures at the administrative unit for foreign nationals and employers under the ‘one-stop shop’ principle.

Foreign nationals who come to Slovenia for employment, self-employment or work purposes no longer require two different permits. The single permit combines a well as replaces the residence permit, which used to be issued by administrative units, and the work permit, which used to be issued by the Employment Service of Slovenia.

Administrative units are in charge of receiving applications for single permits. The procedures and conditions applying to the issuing of a single permit are laid down in the Foreigners Act and the Employment, Self-employment and Work of Foreigners Act.

The applicant may submit a single permit application to the competent administrative unit where the applicant is an employer or person authorised to act on the employer’s behalf, or to a diplomatic or consular office in the home country where the applicant is a foreign national or an employer. During the procedure for the issuing or renewal of a single permit by an administrative unit, the Employment Service issues approval of the single permit if the requirements set out for a specific type of approval are met. The administrative unit itself commences the procedure of obtaining the approval of the Employment Service of Slovenia on its own initiative.

A permit issued on the basis of an international agreement for Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Serbia, in the process of issuing a single permit for residence and work, is considered to be the consent of the Employment Agency of the Republic of Slovenia.

Working permits

Registration of services and short-term work by a representative

Third-country undertakings that provide short-term services relating to the supply of goods or the performance of servicing/repair work in Slovenia are required to register the commencement of provision of such services with the Employment Service of Slovenia.

The commencement of work must also be registered by foreign nationals who wish to perform short-term work as representatives in Slovenia lasting up to 90 days in a single calendar year. Foreign nationals who wish to work as representatives must be entered in the national companies register as company representatives.

Free access to the Slovenian labour market

Foreign nationals whose lawful residence in Slovenia is based on other national or international regulations have free access to the Slovenian labour market. This means that they may freely perform work on the basis of civil-law relationships, be employed by any employer or be self-employed.