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Data on COVID-19 epidemic in Slovenia

Data on COVID-19 epidemic are collected by Ministry of Health and National Institute for Public health. Data are collected daily until midnight and published on next day until noon.

The latest data

Date Tested Positive Hospitalized Intensive care Discharged Deaths
27. 10. 2020 7471 2605 612 99 54 14

Graphical display of persons positive on coronavirus, hospitalized persons and those in intensive care, discharged persons and total number of deaths

22 June 2020: Two deaths that occurred in April were added to the statistics.
2 July 2020: One infection was deducted from the NIPH epidemiological report of 2 July 2020, since additional testing did not confirm the infection.
7 July 2020: Because the Nova Gorica General Hospital laboratory was included in the reporting on 2 July 2020, the laboratories corrected the sum of the tests in the joint report due to an error that occurred when adding up the numbers. The error was found and corrected on 6 July 2020 (5 tests were added).
7. 9. total number 3233, due to a subsequently reported case that was tested abroad. A total of 43 persons were positive.
8. 9. the laboratory confirmed by additional testing that they had issued a false positive result. One case has therefore been deleted, so the total number is lower for one person.
10 September: The epidemiological report of the National Institute of Public Health reports that two cases were added for 9 September (which were subsequently reported due to testing abroad), so today the total number of positive people is higher and amounts to 3498.

Total number of tests made on coronavirus (graphical display)

Graphical display of total number of tests positive on coronavirus (research included)

* In the laboratories, one person was retested and the test was negative, so for April 14 (from 00:00 to 23:59 hours) the correct result is1247 positive results and not 1248, as was first reported. Given that there were 21 positive persons on April 15, the total number of positive people for the day is 1268.

** The total number of positive persons also includes a positive person detected in the national COVID-19 survey.