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Aerosol sprays are any metal, glass or plastic cans for single use that contain pressurised, liquefied or dissolved gas, with or without liquid, paste or powder, and which are equipped with a valve enabling the content to spray out in the form of solid or liquid particles in gas suspension as a foam, paste or liquefied powder.

Requirements for aerosol sprays

Each aerosol spray or label attached to it, if data cannot be printed on the spray, with a maximum volume of 150 ml or less, shall contain visible, readable and indelible letters or marks indicating the following data: 

  • name and address or brand of the supplier that markets or puts the aerosol sprays into service;
  • mark “э” proving the conformity with the requirements of these rules;
  • marks enabling the identification of canned series;
  • inscriptions and marks, indicated in the rules;
  • net content by weight and volume. 

An aerosol spray shall contain an attached readable and indelible label, when the aerosol is categorised as:

  • nonflammable, the word caution and other elements of the aerosol label;
  • flammable, the word caution and other elements of the aerosol label;
  • extremely flammable, the word hazardous and other elements of aerosol label;
  • any additional warning about the function informing users about special hazards; if the aerosol spray includes separate instructions for use, they shall also show such warnings about the product’s function.

Appendix 1 contains certain requirements for metal, glass and plastic spray cans, except for those with a volume of less than 50 ml. Certain testing procedures for individual types of aerosol sprays have also been determined.