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Consular information of the Embassy Warsaw

Entry into Slovenia

Entry documents

Citizens of the European Union do not require a visa to enter Slovenia. They do require a valid passport or a personal identity card.

Long-stay visa (D)

A type D visa is an entry and residence permit of no less than 90 days and no longer than one year, allowing the holder, in accordance with the provisions of the Foreigners Act, to apply for a residence permit directly at the administrative unit in duly justified cases. Type D visa cannot be extended. The application for this type of visa may be filed by third-country nationals belonging to one of the groups defined in Article 20 of the Foreigners Act. Third-country nationals coming from non-visa countries may also apply for a D visa.

In order to obtain a D visa, it is necessary to submit the visa application and the required documents.

Basic documents for type D visa:

  • Completed application form for a long-stay visa (D)
  • An appropriately valid passport
  • Photo 45x35 mm, conform to ICAO standards
  • Travel medical insurance (which covers the cost of medical services and repatriation at least up to EUR 30,000 for the entire period of visa validity)
  • Payment of a visa fee of EUR 77, unless the applicant is a close family member of a citizen of the Republic of Slovenia or of another EU Member State
  • Specific documents (below) to demonstrate the purpose of long-term stay

In the procedure for issuing a type D visa for family reunification, a simultaneous interview with the visa applicant (at the Embassy) and the spouse or partner in Slovenia (at the Administrative Unit) is carried out to establish the authenticity of the marriage.

Residence permit of a foreigner in the Republic of Slovenia

A foreigner desiring to reside in the Republic of Slovenia for reasons other than those allowed on the basis of a visa must obtain a residence permit. A residence permit allows the holder to enter and stay in the country for a fixed period of time and for a specific purpose, or residence for an indefinite period of time in case the conditions for permanent residence are met. The conditions for issuing the permit are laid down in the Foreigners Act. The competent decision-making authority is the Administrative Unit. The first residence permit in the Republic of Slovenia is issued as a temporary residence permit and must be obtained by a foreigner before entering the country (more at


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