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  • The Action aims to establish a suitable technical framework based on EU and national legislations, and to lead all the necessary preparatory studies for effective implementation of Onshore Power Supply infrastructure in at least 16 EU maritime ports including the port of Koper.



    Baltic and Mediterranean corridors of the trans-European core network.

  • CarEsmatic


    Among other things, the project will help gain a deeper insight into the needs regarding the distribution of electric and hybrid cars so that Mediterranean ports, in particular, can follow trends in the auto industry and prepare to receive such cargo.

  • The pilot project focused on the development and establishment of an innovative logistic corridor for the transport of refrigerated fresh food products from Israel to Central Europe, the aim of which was to shift the cargo from road to rail to shorten the delivery time of refrigerated products and reduce land transportation costs.



    GAINN4MOS is a joint project of numerous Member States helping to supply ports with liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.



    As part of the Motorways of the Sea initiative, the project assessed the possibility of introducing electric power supply on land and electric power for ships in Eastern Mediterranean, namely the Port of Koper and the twinned Port of Limassol (Cyprus) and the Greek ports of Kyllini and Piraeus.