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EALING - European flagship action for cold ironing in ports

The Action aims to establish a suitable technical framework based on EU and national legislations, and to lead all the necessary preparatory studies for effective implementation of Onshore Power Supply infrastructure in at least 16 EU maritime ports including the port of Koper.

The specific objectives of the Action are:

  1. Analysing the technical standards and obstacles, and proposing a harmonised approach for deployment of OPS infrastructure and equipment in the ports and maritime fleet adaptation;
  2. Implementing all the required studies for the future works in the ports: front-end engineering studies and other technical studies, environmental studies, Clean power supply plans, CBA and Financial blending schemes.

The Action will result in further development of a common framework for electrification of the ports and maritime fleet adaptation, and delivery of all the necessary technical and design studies on OPS solutions so that the Port Authorities will be ready to launch the construction and equipment phase.