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Ministry of Infrastructure

  • At today’s session, the Government became acquainted with the initialled agreement on resolving the strike demands of FIDES and authorised the Minister of Health to sign the agreement. It also adopted the proposed amendments to the Act determining aid to the economy to mitigate the consequences of the energy crisis and the proposed Act on the aid to provide greater air connectivity.

  • At today's correspondence meeting, the Government adopted a Decree on the determination of the electricity price for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that are final customers as defined by the Electricity Supply Act and provisionally set maximum retail prices for them.

  • Minister of Infrastructure, Bojan Kumer, attended the continuation of the Extraordinary Energy Council of the European Union in Brussels, where ministers intensively coordinated an agreement on a European mechanism to limit natural gas prices and finally reached a political agreement.


  • National Assembly passes Emergency Action to Address High Energy Prices Act

    The increasing social hardship and uncertain economic conditions caused by high energy prices have made it necessary to pass a new law whose stipulations include emergency measures to reduce import dependency in energy supplies, price controls, and windfall taxes on electricity producers.

  • Slovenia concludes deal on the supply of natural gas from Algeria

    In the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, the Slovenian delegation headed by Minister of Infrastructure Bojan Kumer and Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon concluded a deal on the supply of natural gas to Slovenia.

  • The Government amended the Decree on setting gas prices from the system

    The Government’s main guiding principle when adopting a series of measures against price increases is concern for everyone. The Government is aware that swift and decisive action is required at this time of high energy costs resulting from the economic recovery after the pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.