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Pet owners often travel with their pets across the European Union (EU) and outside its borders. In the world, however, there are still diseases such as rabies and avian influenza that could be transferred by these animals to Slovenia and could pose a risk to public and animal health.

Only certain animal species may accompany the owner under the conditions applicable to non-commercial movements. For animals of other species, the requirements for commercial movements must be complied with, which, when entering from non-EU countries, implies the conditions and procedures required for the importation of animals.

When the requirements for non-commercial movement are not met and the purpose of the movement of pet animals is to change ownership, it implies trade (intra-Union movement of a pet animal) or import (entry of a pet animal into the Union from third countries). In this case, movement requirements are set out in other regulations.

The objective of the stated conditions is to ensure an adequate level of safety against the risks involved. It is the responsibility of the owner of the animal that in non-commercial movement all basic requirements referring to pet marking, health certificates and appropriate accompanying documents are met.