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Almost EUR 60 million in direct cash assistance paid so far to people affected by floods

The Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (FURS) today paid the first EUR 4.5 million in advance payments to homeowners for the reconstruction of homes damaged by floods and landslides on 4 August 2023. To date, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning has advanced EUR 218.5 million for emergency rehabilitation to all municipalities that have submitted applications.
Floods 2023

Floods 2023 | Author KPV

For the first time ever, not just business entities but private citizens are also receiving advance payments for renovation. The payments are expected to be made in four tranches by the end of December, totalling around EUR 30 million. The first tranche, which was transferred today, covers 1350 buildings or 1932 beneficiaries, as some of the buildings have several owners. The total amount of the first tranche transfers is EUR 4,571,557.60.

This is the first time Slovenia has faced a natural disaster of this magnitude. The Government has therefore decided to also provide advance payments for reconstruction to individuals (owners of damaged flats and houses), amounting to 20 per cent of the estimated damage as recorded in the AJDA online application. This is not the first direct financial assistance the Government has provided to citizens (alongside other aid); on the very first day after the disaster, it transferred EUR 10 million in humanitarian aid to the largest humanitarian organisations in Slovenia, the Red Cross and Caritas, to provide first emergency humanitarian assistance to the affected population. 8697 beneficiaries received the assistance.  Subsequently, 7,462 payments totalling EUR 44.4 million in solidarity aid were made to beneficiaries under the first intervention act.

To this we add today the first part of the advance payments, with the total estimated value of EUR 30 million. According to the current estimate based on entries in the Ajda online application approximately 5,800 buildings are eligible for advance payments of 20% of the estimated damage. This will result in EUR 84.4 million being paid directly to people by the end of the year.

On 23 November 2023, the FURS started sending notifications informing residents that they were eligible for an advance payment for the repair of damage to their buildings, based on the information provided in the Ajda online application. The notification’s recipients then had five days to indicate that they did not wish to receive the advance payment. Following a re-harmonisation of the list between the Ministry of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning and the FURS, the list of beneficiaries has been submitted to the Government and will be published on its website, and the first tranche was disbursed today.

The FURS will send the new package of notifications to beneficiaries in the coming days.

Payment procedure

The advance payment for an individual dwelling is made to the dwelling’s owner. If there are several owners, each is paid a pro rata share according to the amount of the co-ownership share, and in the event of joint ownership, the share is determined according to the number of joint owners. According to the amendment of the Act Determining Intervention Measures for Recovery from the Floods and Landslides of August 2023 (ZIUOPZP-A), owners of residential buildings whose estimated damage exceeds EUR 6,000 and whose buildings are not earmarked for building replacement are eligible for an advance payment.