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Prime Minister, Minister of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning, and Civil Protection Commander visit affected areas

Prime Minister Robert Golob, together with Minister of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning Uroš Brežan and Commander of the Civil Protection of the Republic of Slovenia Srečko Šestan, visited the areas affected by the flood in three municipalities in the Gorenjska region – Škofja Loka, Radovljica and Medvode.

The situation in Škofja Loka is very worrying, as three valleys are still cut off from other parts of Slovenia. Following a meeting with the mayor of Škofja Loka, Tine Radinja, Prime Minister Golob said that he was on the ground today to assess what else the Government could do to help in the intervention. He stressed that Slovenia had already requested assistance under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism to strengthen its forces. It had also requested assistance from the neighbouring countries.

"It is even more important that we are here today to set up an effective restoration. Intervention is well regulated. It is known who is responsible, how the intervention takes place and who provides resources," said Golob.

However, according to Golob, the system fails in the transition to the restoration phase and the Government's aim is to ensure that this does not happen this time. The same applies to the effective restoration of the infrastructure and watercourses. Golob also emphasised that such a complex crisis cannot be resolved in a day. He announced some legislative amendments, which are to be drafted shortly.

After Škofja Loka, the Prime Minister and Minister visited Begunje Psychiatric Hospital in the Radovljica municipality to see the aftermath of the storms. Intervention teams, employees and volunteers have already started cleaning and repairing the damage and have removed 60 tonnes of bulk material in two days. Water flooded the hospital's kitchen, laundry room and archives. It is vital to first set up the necessary infrastructure, in addition to restoring electricity and cleaning and drying the rooms.

At the end of the visit to Begunje in the Gorenjska region, the Prime Minister addressed the members of Begunje Volunteer Fire Brigade paying tribute to their great work and thanking them for their selfless dedication.

In Medvode, Golob stressed that the Government would make every effort to ensure that the money would reach the most vulnerable. "People will not be left alone," he concluded and noted that at today's session, the Government allocated €10 million of humanitarian aid to the Slovenian Red Cross and Caritas Slovenia.