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Alenka Gotar: »The lifelong dream of our ancestors came true«

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Slovenia’s independence, we asked famous Slovenians what this anniversary means to them, whether they might remember certain events from that time – provided they were alive back then – whether their parents told stories of that period, and what an independent Slovenia means to them.
Alenka Gotar

Alenka Gotar | Author Alenka Gotar, osebni arhiv

Opera singer Alenka Gotar, who represented Slovenia at the Eurovision in 2007, is delighted that the lifelong dream of our ancestors came true with the gaining of independence. She also understands the events of that time as a historical turning point. Of the events of the summer of 1991, she remembers running for shelter with her parents and watching the Krvavec air raid from the window in her room. Despite being scared, she had an overwhelming feeling that something big and important for Slovenia was taking place. She added that people become especially fond of their nation while living abroad, where she spent 10 years, and she always made it clear that she was from Slovenia, not Yugoslavia, and that she was proud of her country.

Author: Vesna Žarkovič