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The designation of depositaries of multilateral treaties is a result of an increasing number of states participating in the procedures for the conclusion of such treaties as well as a large number and complexity of activities required before and after the entry into force of multilateral treaties.

Functions of the Depositary

The depositary keeps custody of the original text of a treaty, prepares certified copies of the original text of the treaty, receives, examines and keeps custody of all full powers and signatures to treaties, receives, examines and keeps custody of all notifications and communications relating to the treaty and informs contracting states, states parties and states entitled to become parties about these acts, conditions for the entry into force and the entry into force of treaties. The depositary performs also other functions in accordance with the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties.

The depositary is generally designated in the treaty itself: this can be either a state, international organization or its highest official. The Republic of Slovenia is depositary of nine multilateral treaties. The depositary functions are carried out by the International Law Department of the Ministry of the Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia.

Multilateral Treaties for which the Republic of Slovenia is Depositary