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International organisations and international law

Multilateral cooperation is a cornerstone of the foreign policy of Slovenia as a member of the international community. Participation in the activities of international organisations is an opportunity for Slovenia to have a stronger voice in international relations and to help shape policies and decisions at the regional and global levels.

The basis for our work

Slovenia's activities in international organisations are based on the understanding that security, sustainable development, human rights and the rule of law are indivisibly linked. We endorse effective multilateralism focused on smart and sustainable response to common challenges. Special attention is devoted to enhancing human security and preventive action. 

The central role of the United Nations

Slovenia endorses a stronger and more effective international system with the United Nations (UN) at the centre. We advocate the comprehensive reform and adaptation of the UN in order to successfully tackle the emerging common challenges. We also support more active engagement by all stakeholders in UN activities, and the increased legitimacy and transparency of its decision-making processes. 

Proactive approach

In addition to its membership in the EU and UN, Slovenia's membership in NATO is the most effective and efficient way to guarantee its national security. Slovenia is a credible and reliable NATO ally that strives to meet its commitments. Our efforts for peace and stability in the neighbourhood are complemented by our work in the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). As a member state of the Council of Europe, Slovenia promotes human rights and democratic standards in the wider European region. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development is an important aspect of our multilateral cooperation, and provides opportunities for economic and social progress.

Human rights for everyone everywhere

In the international field, Slovenia, as a democratic state, endorses the universality and inalienability of human rights. Our key priorities include gender equality, children's rights, the rights of the elderly, the fight against all forms of discrimination, human rights education, and human rights in relation to the environment. We support the universal abolition of capital punishment and emphasise the importance of human rights advocacy and respect for vulnerable groups.

Consistent respect for international law

Slovenia is committed to strict compliance with international law and the international legal system as the best guarantee of international peace and security. We always endeavour to strengthen the rule of law, including mechanisms for the peaceful resolution of disputes and respect for the decisions of international courts and tribunals.