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By digitalizing the steps in the process of legislative drafting, we facilitate the planning and preparation phase of the legislative process resulting in transparent, clear, and precise draft laws and regulations which are necessary for the decision-making of a high quality.

The importance of digitalization

Nowadays, most of the activities of public authorities, other bodies governed by public and private law and, ultimately, citizens are imbued with information technology, which is developing very quickly. To keep our business up to date, we are building on existing information tools and websites that support the working processes of ministries and government offices and developing new, modern, and user-friendly web applications.

Register of Laws and Regulations

The Register of Laws and Regulations (Register predpisov) is an information tool in which the process of adopting a piece of legislation is formally initiated. By entering specific data about the piece of legislation, a unique identification code is allocated to draft law or regulation, and it accompanies the latter until publication in the Official Journal. Such data set enables draft law or regulation, together with all related documents, to be recorded, processed, and stored in any other information systems supporting the drafting, adoption and publication of the legislation.

In addition to above, the register also keeps other information, such as the legal basis for the adoption of the law or regulation, the date of adoption, the date of entry into force and the date of application, the correlations between the laws and regulations, the authorities responsible for the adoption, information on EU legal acts to be transposed or implemented by draft law or regulation, etc.

Data from the register are widely used, for example for the purposes of the preparation of the government's working programme, a wide range of reports in the field of legislative activity, and for monitoring the fulfilment of obligations towards the European Union, such as notification to the European Commission of the national implementing measures.

The register is one of the back-end systems of the Legal Information System of the Republic of Slovenia (PISRS).

Digital platform for legislative drafting (MOPED)

During the mandate of the government lead by the prime minister dr. Miro Cerar, we started to develop a modular digital platform for the preparation of electronic documents (MOPED), which will replace the existing register and will enable an online preparation of the laws and regulations as well as all related documents required in the legislative process. From the drafter’s point of view, the process of preparing the entire material for decision-making on the draft law or regulation at the ministerial and/or governmental level will be carried out on a one-stop shop basis, making it simpler, more transparent, and more accessible to end-users.

The aim of MOPED is therefore to establish a technologically advanced and stable framework for the data management on laws and regulations, for legislative drafting and for the preparation of supporting e-documents in the legislative process.

Document management system (IPP)

The document management system supporting the legislative process (IPP) is a communication-document system that covers all essential steps in the process of adopting the laws and regulation within the government. Through the eDemocracy portal, it also enables the public to be engaged in the preparation of draft laws and regulations.

The IPP system is connected to the register (soon MOPED), thus enabling the necessary data to be transmitted and stored.