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We strive to ensure that the legislative procedures run smoothly while allowing the public to monitor and participate in these procedures to the most possible extent.

To this end, we build on different applications and webpages aiming at providing access to the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union.

In doing so, we pursue the objectives of greater transparency, traceability and unification in the preparation and adoption of laws and regulations, we strive to meet the commitments to provide open data, we introduce uniform quality standards for all legislative drafters, and follow the Digital Agenda for Europe, which aims, inter alia, to strengthen trust in new technologies, to increase digital literacy and to facilitate access to online services for all European citizens.


You can submit opinions, comments and initiatives on the draft laws and regulations in the preparation phase via the eDemocracy portal.

Legal Information System of the Republic of Slovenia (PISRS)

The website provides free access to legislative and other public documents of state authorities and bodies exercising public powers in the Republic of Slovenia and documents issued by the institutions of the European Union and the Council of Europe.