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Informal resolution of cross-border disputes in the European Union (SOLVIT)

The European Union's Single Market offers citizens and businesses many opportunities for residing, doing business, producing and trading. But given its size and the diversity of Member States' legal regimes, it is very difficult to completely avoid mistakes and problems when exercising rights in other EU Member States. If a dispute arises between an individual or company and a public authority in another Member State because of a public authority's misapplication of European Union rules, such individual or company can apply to the SOLVIT network, which will then attempt to reach an agreement on the dispute’s resolution in an informal way by mediating with the public authority.

The SOLVIT network

SOLVIT (derived from the English "solve it") is the European Commission's network for the informal resolution of cross-border problems affecting citizens and businesses in the internal market.

It provides assistance to businesses and citizens when the following conditions are met:

  • the problem is a cross-border one,
  • there is suspicion of the misapplication of European Union law, and
  • public authorities at local, regional or national level are involved.

SOLVIT cannot help:

  • if your company is having problems with another company,
  • if you have a consumer-related problem
  • if you are seeking compensation for damages, or
  • if you take your case to court.

Each complaint is handled by two SOLVIT centres:

  • the SOLVIT centre in the complainant's country – the home centre,
  • the SOLVIT centre in the country where the problem originated – the responsible centre.

The SOLVIT home centre to which a person or company submits a complaint refers the case to the SOLVIT centre in the European Union country where the problem arose. This centre then strives to reach an agreement with the national public authorities to resolve the problem within 10 weeks. SOLVIT is based on an informal approach to solving practical problems, so it does not intervene in cases that are already pending before the courts. It does not deal with disputes between companies or between consumers and companies.

Slovenian SOLVIT Centre

The Slovenian SOLVIT Centre is very successful in resolving cross-border disputes in matters such as the recognition of pensions, unemployment benefits, nostrification of diplomas, recognition of child benefits, market access, recognition of professional qualifications, possibilities for providing services, VAT refunds, discrimination and similar subjects.


  • addressing concrete life situations,
  • assistance is free of charge,
  • informal approach.

SOLVIT centres deal with complaints in all areas of European Union law. The most common complaints submitted to the Slovenian SOLVIT Centre concern the following:

  • problems with the recognition of professional qualifications in another Member State,
  • problems encountered by businesses in accessing the market of another Member State (non-recognition of mutual recognition of products, discrimination),
  • VAT refunds (legal time limit for refunds has expired),
  • problems in recognising family benefits, pensions, unemployment benefits from another Member State,
  • problems in using the European Health Insurance Card,
  • receiving notifications of (non-existent) traffic offences,
  • suspected discrimination at the hands of the local authorities of another Member State.

With the help of the SOLVIT Centre, an individual or a company can get a solution to a cross-border dispute quickly and free of charge, with no lengthy court proceedings, or get useful information to help them overcome cross-border obstacles to exercising their rights relating to residing, doing business, producing or trading in the European Union.