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Slovenia strongly condemns all forms of terrorism and violent extremism regardless of their nature or religious, ethnic or other ideology. Terrorism undermines the basic values such as human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law, the respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms, leading to negative effects on the national economy, sustainable development, and national security. Nothing can justify terrorism – ever.

Preventive action at the national and international levels

The prevention of terrorism-related activities is part of comprehensive anti-terrorist action. This includes a balanced approach to the prevention of criminal activities and the general prevention of crime, involving many stakeholders at the national and local levels who are competent in dealing with people susceptible to radicalisation that leads to terrorism or violent extremism.

Effective prevention requires close international cooperation between the police, intelligence services, and other law enforcement bodies working together in various international initiatives and mechanisms. One of these initiatives launched by Slovenia is the operational group for the fight against terrorism composed of members from the Western Balkan region, several EU Member States, Europol, and Interpol. Slovenia also put forward the Western Balkans Counter Terrorism Initiative (WBCTi), which is implemented as part of the Integrative Internal Security Governance (IISG), with over 50 organisations and donors active in this field. Slovenia is also a member of the EU Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN), which brings together more than 700 experts and field workers from across Europe. Furthermore, it is a member of the Global Coalition against Daesh, which holds annual ministerial meetings, and its Working Group on Foreign Terrorist Fighters.

Slovenia is also engaged in the global efforts against terrorism and violent extremism within the European UnionUnited Nationsthe OSCE , and the Council of Europe.

Systemic framework and cooperation with civil society

At the systemic, strategic, and operational levels, Slovenia further develops its comprehensive policy to fight terrorism. Systemic and strategic solutions are sought and implemented by the National Security Council and the Inter-Ministerial Working Group for Counter-Terrorism.

The close inter-agency cooperation is operational at all levels. The Slovene Intelligence and Security Agency coordinates intelligence activities for the early detection of risks and threats, which is complemented with the work of the Police that is in charge of the timely detection, prevention and investigation of, and the response to, criminal offences related to terrorism and violent extremism.

The Police provide advice to and offer training courses for NGOs, private and research entities in an effort to ensure knowledge and experience sharing and to foster cooperation. On the initiative of the Police, a national network of experts for the prevention of radicalisation was established with representatives of over 20 governmental and non-governmental stakeholders and academia.

The prosecution of criminal offences related to terrorism falls under the competences of the Specialised Office of the State Prosecutor. One of its members serves as the national representative to Eurojust and is in charge of coordinating cross-border investigation and prosecution.

Prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing

The Office for Money Laundering Prevention as the competent authority to deal with, analyse and report on matters where reasonable grounds exist for suspecting the criminal offence of terrorism financing plays a major role in preventive action. The Office examines reports submitted by financial and non-financial institutions, state authorities, and supervisory bodies regarding suspicious activities related to terrorism financing or money laundering. After gathering additional data, the Office rejects or confirms suspicions and, if necessary, reports to the competent authorities. For more information, please visit Prevention of money laundering.

Measures following a terrorist attack

The response to terrorist attacks in terms of protection and rescue is included in the National Emergency Response Plan set out by the Protection Against Natural and Other Disasters Act and the government Decree on the Content and Elaboration of Protection and Rescue Plans. The provisions of the Plan cover all responders to a terrorist attack and envisage international rescue assistance, if needed. For more information, please visit Protection against natural and other disasters.