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The #OstaniZdrav mobile application

The mobile application for protecting public health and lives, #OstaniZdrav (#StayHealthy), is a tool that informs you if you have been in contact with an infected person. With its use and the observance of recommendations, each person contributes their share to restricting the spread of the virus and the protection of our own health, the health of our loved ones and that of society as a whole.

Additional option for responsible individual behaviour

The use of the application is an additional preventive measure and fully protects individual and public health. Its use is of great help to the epidemiologists attempting to restrict the spread of the virus. While the application’s installation on smartphones is completely voluntary, we should continue to focus daily on the consistent observance of other preventive measures, including the maintenance of sufficient social distancing, regular washing and disinfecting of hands, and wearing of face masks in enclosed public places and on public transport.

The #OstaniZdrav application helps contain and manage the spread of novel coronavirus infection and reduces the burden on the healthcare system, thus enabling the state to control the virus using less coercive measures.

Furthermore, the application warns us if we have been in contact with an infected person and that there is thus a greater risk that we have also been infected. Immediately after the mobile application issues the warning, we should start behaving more responsibly by closely monitoring our general state of health and contacting our doctor as soon as we detect symptoms. We must not then socialise, particularly with vulnerable individuals, and implement preventive measures even more consistently (hand and cough hygiene, wearing of face masks and appropriate social distancing).

Facilitated management of the infected persons’ contacts

If we use the mobile application, we are acting responsibly towards ourselves and others, as well as helping to restrict the spread of novel coronavirus infection. The application will significantly facilitate the efforts of epidemiologists in instances when, while searching for, and informing, those individuals who have been in contact with an infected person in the last 14 days, it is impossible to identify or recognise all such individuals during the epidemiological examination, i.e. all fellow passengers on public transport or all visitors who were in a catering facility simultaneously with someone infected with the novel coronavirus.

Voluntary and free use

The installation of the #OstaniZdrav application on a smartphone is completely voluntary and free-of-charge. After it has been downloaded, we will be quickly and reliably informed about our meetings with other users of the application who may be infected or have been in contact with an infected person without being aware of it and thus could potentially transmit the virus to us. The application does not reveal the location or the identity of the infected person, it only indicates that two persons have met. The application’s functions may be disabled at any time or the application may be removed in full. By doing so, all information stored by the application will be deleted as well.

The person with a confirmed infection may voluntarily share this information with other users (they obtain a special ten-digit code that is entered in the application). Their responsible conduct is thus enhanced.

The application’s effectiveness

The #OstaniZdrav application will achieve its purpose if we install it on our smartphones before we become ill. In this way, persons with whom we were in contact before we learned about the infection will be informed promptly and be able to behave in a self-protective way.

Anonymous and adjusted to Slovenian standards of personal data protection

The data collected by the application are completely anonymous. Only contacts encountered in the last 14 days are recorded, and this is done without revealing personal data or a person’s identity. 

The application does not involve geolocation data, but merely functions via the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.

Once a day, the application will check if you have been in contact with a person with a confirmed novel coronavirus infection. This verification takes place on your smartphone alone. If the verification result is positive, you will receive a warning. This procedure does not allow the identification of an individual or their location.

Information about those we come into contact with is exchanged between smartphones only if persons meet at a distance under two metres and if the meeting lasts at least 15 minutes.

  • Privacy notice

    This privacy notice explains what data is collected when you use the #OstaniZdrav App, how that data is used, and your rights under data protection law.
    Instructions | Ministry of Public Administration