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The Division drafts regulations in the field of hospitality and tourism, carries out procedures for granting development incentives in tourism and other funds for the functioning of the tourism ecosystem, cooperates with stakeholders in tourism, and does the groundwork for well-functioning tourism and hospitality sectors.


Policies and Topics

  • Sustainable tourism

    Sustainable development is a fundamental policy of Slovenian tourism. Sustainability principles refer to the environmental, economic and socio-cultural aspects of tourism development. To ensure long-term sustainable development a suitable balance needs to be established between tourism's impact on the environment, tourism workers, local communities and tourism service providers.

  • Promotion of Slovenia

    In Slovenia, all the colours of the cultural and biological diversity of the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea, the Pannonian Plain, and the Karst merge into a "Slovenian green", which represents both the pristine nature of the country and the zeal of the Slovenian people to preserve it in this state. Greenness is the foundation of the country brand "I feel Slovenia", which represents our country both at home and around the world.