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At the European Consumer Centre Slovenia (ECC), we inform consumers of their rights in the EU, advise them, and offer professional support in resolving their complaints against foreign providers of goods and services from the EU, Iceland and Norway. We are part of the network of European Consumer Centres (ECC-Net) operating in all EU Member States, Norway and Iceland.

You can also contact the European Consumer Centre if your journey did not go as expected, you had unexpected costs when renting a car or a complication with an online purchase, etc. and you were unable to solve these problems yourself with a foreign provider. All services for consumers are free of charge.

Policies and Topics

  • Consumer advice and the European Consumer Centre Slovenia

    Consumers that experience problems when exercising their rights in relation to Slovenian traders can call a free telephone number operating within the Ministry of the Economy, Tourism and Sport. Consumers who made a purchase in another EU Member State, in Norway or Iceland can contact the European Consumer Centre Slovenia operating within the same ministry for advice or assistance.