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In the Public Health Directorate, we carry out tasks relating to public health. We contribute to the drafting of laws, strategic and other documents under the responsibility of other directorates, ministries and agencies, including the assessment of impacts of such proposals on health. We plan and implement budget implementation procedures.

We plan, coordinate and monitor the implementation of the public service in the field of public health activities and the procedures for financing programmes and projects of public institutions and NGOs in the field of public health, and monitor and evaluate performance and quality with a view to further development. We prepare responses to questions from the interested public. We plan, implement procedures and monitor the implementation of applied and targeted research projects in the field of public health. Among other things, we prepare thematic orientations, evaluate proposals, manage, coordinate, monitor, promote and systematise programmes and projects funded from European cohesion and other international sources. We provide information and raise public awareness of population health and health risks. We prepare and report on the positions of the Republic of Slovenia within the European Union and other international organisations and initiatives (OECD, Council of Europe, UN and other international organisations and initiatives in the field of public health). We coordinate our cooperation with the World Health Organisation. We decide on requests for access to public information, prepare answers to press and parliamentary questions and manage personal data collections. We also prepare development and other strategic documents. We are involved in administrative, systemic and public oversight. We cooperate and prepare positions and coordinate pre-judgemental and preliminary procedures of the EU bodies in the Directorate's field of work. We manage or decide on the most complex administrative procedures in the Directorate's field of work. We monitor and coordinate providers' risk management plans in crisis situations and ensure continuous quality improvement, quality system implementation, risk management and monitoring of indicators at Directorate level.

Sectors of the Directorate