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  • Cooperation with the European Space Agency

    Slovenia is an associate member of the European Space Agency (ESA). This provides Slovenian companies and research and development institutions with the opportunity to participate in ESA projects in the field of space technologies. Participation is open to companies and institutions working on innovative materials, technologies, processes or IT solutions. Small and medium-sized enterprises also have the opportunity to cooperate with ESA, as confirmed by successful projects by companies from Slovenia.

  • Trade activity

    As a very important economic sector, trade accounts for almost 35% of the economy's sales revenue and employs just under 18% of the Slovenian economy's workforce, making it one of the largest employers in the national economy. In recent years, it has undergone many changes and a fundamental transformation.

  • Funeral and cemetery activities

    Cemetery activities include the management and maintenance of cemeteries and are the responsibility of municipalities, which lay down by decree a cemetery code that sets out the details of the activities to be implemented in the cemetery and funeral sector.

  • Consumer protection

    Consumer protection is the provision and promotion of consumer rights. As consumers are considered to be the weaker party on the market, their interests are protected both by law and in practice, in particular through consumer information and education and consumer advice.